Natural Holistic Health Education

So often I hear patients say, “My doctor says nothing is wrong… but why do I feel terrible?”   Today’s savvy health consumer knows there may be more that can be done, but they just don’t have the training to even know where to start looking.

The next question is “Where do I find out how to feel better”?  Typically the patient has researched their health problem on the internet and may have tried a couple of ideas or maybe they are wary and don’t know were to start.

To get to the root of the symptom is the most powerful way to take charge of your health, but where to begin and why is this happening to so many people?  So what is it?

Over the next year our company will be producing  e-book courses on natural health care.

We will start with the basics:  Why to stop taking the purple pill.  The next course will be: Do You Really Have an Aspirin Deficiency?”  Then a course called: “My Doctor Says My Thyroid is OK, But I Feel Terrible.”

Over the next year we will cover other topics as well

Female Hormones

Healthy Pregnancy

Stress and The Adrenals

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



How Does Acupuncture Work?

Whats the Best Vitamins to Take?

Body Type Weight Loss

and more.

Please send your questions, requests and comments to HolisticHealthDoctor@Gmail.Com


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