Revitalize your health and reinvent your life!  Restore your optimum health!   Create extraordinary vitality and aliveness through the art and science of natural healing, rejuvenation and life coaching. 


Holistic Health Care Services for the rejuvenation and transformation of health and wellbeing; improving vitality and aliveness of body, mind and spirit through the art and science of natural healing; and natural health care education for people wanting to take charge of their own health.


Natural Holistic Health Education


Therapeutic Massage Therapy


Clinical Nutrition (including functional testing)


Physical Therapy

Injury Rehab

Family Wellness Care for Pregnancy, Newborn, Child and Adolescents


Dr. Nancy G. Taylor uses natural treatments for a variety of health conditions which are typically treated with drugs, surgery or wait-and-see approaches.  Her rejuvenation program, Simply Radiant, uses whole food supplements and herbs as well as functional lab testing.  Rejuvenation is reported to have numerous benefits.  Patients report improved sleep, increased energy, weight loss, increased flexibility, decreased inflammation and pain, improved digestion, enhanced physical function, balanced emotion, improved memory and mental function.


She publishes a quarterly natural health newsletter called Naturally Health Times and offers holistic health e-courses.


She is a doctor of chiropractic, has training in acupuncture, a Bachelor’s Degree in nutrition and has studied both eastern and western forms of natural health care.  She has over 27 years of previous experience in working with herbal formulas and nutritional supplements, 20 years of health and wellness coaching, as well as teaching and writing experience in topics on natural health care and natural childbirth and parenting.

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