Simply Radiant Rejuvenation

Begin the reinvention of a healthy future, with renewed vitality!
Invest in your health, wealth and happiness!

Are you feeling sluggish or feel foggy most of the day?  Do you have mal-digestion? Does time seem to be taking a toll on your health?
It could be that your body is toxic.  Take this quick questionnaire by clicking the blue link to see if you could benefit from Rejuvenation.

Are You Toxic Questionnaire

Two easy steps to TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH!

1) Choose to eat healthier and smarter by making NATURAL, simple health care choices. Take this System Survey Questionnaire to evaluate what is needed to start your program.  Print out and complete.  Then Email to or FAX (888) 398-9722 to our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Taylor.

Symptom Survey

2) Hire a holistic health coach.  Beginning a rejuvenation program with a trained specialist will support you in making new habits.  You will then quickly discover improved  energy, digestion, immunity and overall wellness through an easy to follow, yet powerful whole food based, natural anti-aging program.

Keep in mind that the closer to nature the easier for your body to benefit. Synthetic nutrients, flavors, binders and preservatives are NOT simple for your body to process. It is actually creating more of what ails you.  Whole food is what your body needs.
About Simply Radiant Rejuvenation

Simply Radiant is a 21-day program using a health coach to assist you in designing a program to  meet your personal health goals.  A program for your unique biochemical needs.  One  that focuses on whole food nutritional therapy and implements simple dietary changes to detoxify, nourish, rest, improve biochemical functioning and restore the body’s vitality.  Whole food supplements are on the surface simple yet very powerful.

Top 7 Benefits of Rejuvenation
Increased Energy
Natural Weight Loss
Increase flexibility
Decrease inflammation and pain
Improved Digestion
Enhanced Physical Function
Balanced Emotions, Improve Memory & Mental function

Rejuvenation is to energize your life, revitalize your activity level, increase flexibility and emotional and mental clarity and give you a renewed zest for living.  Using a reliable program which has the potential to alleviate symptoms of lowered vitality and improve general health and well being through a scientifically based approach with a health coach is the best investment you can make with your healthcare dollars.
Natural Rejuvenation

Once widely publicized, fasting is no longer considered the best form of detoxification. To function optimally, our body’s processes are dependent upon adequate levels of supporting nutrients, which are depleted during traditional fasting programs. Regular rejuvenation therapy encourages organs to detoxify, function better and even amplify their performance.

With the Simply Radiant program many people have experienced new clarity of purpose in life during cleansing processes.  This nutritionally sound program signals your liver to burn fat rather than store it.  You will also receive professional coaching through your comprehensive 21 day program.  Your program may include specific supplements tailored to meet your specific health goals.  We use therapeutic grade organic whole food supplements rather than synthetic micro-nutrients your body may or may not need or even be able to use. If functional medicine laboratory testing is indicated additional fees apply.
To learn more attend an Introduction to Rejuvenation. Email for the current schedule. This and other educational programs are not a substitute for medical care.  We will not recommend that you stop taking any medications however we may recommend lab testing to access and design a program that supports your health needs.


About Holistic Health Doctor

Holistic Chiropractor for family and children, Acupuncture, Rejuvenation, Clinical Nutrition, Wellness Coach and Published Author. Currently researching the effects of therapeutic nutrition on children with learning disabilities, Autism, Mood, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders.
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